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Two guys, a doctor, and a goat. An absurdist comedy that answers the question, "What if?"

Starring Andrew Gorell, Jeffrey Grover, Dierdru Ring, and Moo (the goat)

Directed by Christopher Bohan

Cinematography by Steven Hacker

Filming June 2018


Christine Howey in EXACT CHANGE (2017)


A co-production with Christine Howey & Transforward. Read this preview from Andrea Simakis of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

A carnival of explosive language exploring the pain, joy and redemption of one person’s transgender journey, Christine Howey's one-person tour de force play is now in production. Ms. Howey tells her story of transitioning from Richard to Christine in 1990 with humor and raw emotion. EXACT CHANGE retains elements of its innate theatricality in the film version, while expanding the universe that Ms. Howey crafted on stages across the country.


Brian Zoldessy, Scott Miller, Joel Hammer, George Roth, and Jeffrey Grover in ON A TECHNICALITY (2014)


The first film by g2h, ON A TECHNICALITY is the story of Bruce, Albert, Billy, Larry and Howard as they meet for breakfast at Jack's Deli every Wednesday. Over ten years, their lives change but the pickles are still crisp and the bagels are still fresh.


Cindy Chang, Noah Budin, Jean Zarzour, and George Roth in TECHNICALLY, MARVIN (2016)


Marvin is a schlub, no two ways about it. So when he hatches a plan for matrimonial bliss, the guys at Jack's are appropriately concerned. A follow-up to 2014's ON A TECHNICALITY, the film is a funny and sweet ode to everybody looking for love ... even in all the wrong ways.


Andrew Gorell and Aubree Stone in BETWEEN THE LINES (2015)


Parallel lives intersect around America's past-time, as two father/daughter pairs bond in starkly different ways. Moving and compassionate, BETWEEN THE LINES was screened at the 2016 Care Alliance annual benefit to help raise awareness and empathy for the plight of homeless families in northeast Ohio.

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